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Want to compare your benefits to your competitors?

HealthScape developed a proprietary, web-based product to quickly and easily provide plans with the ability to drill deep into competitor Medicare Advantage dental supplemental benefits.  Additionally, plans can assess their relative positioning and the tool aids in the design of future products.  You can understand MA dental benefits with just a few clicks - spend less time hunting for competitor plan documents and more time analyzing your markets.

Specifically, the tool allows health plans to:

  1. Conduct macro market assessment as well dive deep with local benchmarking
  2. Explore MA market dental offerings at a county, state and national level
  3. Conduct Multi-variable assessment of premium, enrollment, product type, benefit count/type, and coverage limits.  Our tool aggregates nearly 3M CMS product records, over 5K unique plan IDs, and provides five years of history.

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Example Key Features:

Percent of Members with Medicare Advantage Dental Coverage in 2017:

Percent of Members with Medicare Advantage Dental Coverage 2021:


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